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 Foam Fractionators







Watertec Foam Fractionators, often referred to as protein skimmers, work by injecting air (or an air/ozone mix) into a contact chamber containing system water. This process results in organic molecules collecting on the surface of the air bubble by the process of adsorption. These bubbles rise in the contact chamber collecting at the surface forming a froth or a proteinaceous scum.

The foam fractionator process removes dissolved organic carbon down to sizes which cannot be mechanically filtered. Use of ozone promotes micro flocculation and electrostatic attraction, improving the removal efficiency of organic wastes.

The foam fractionators performance decreases at low salinities due to decreasing foam stability as density and surface tension decrease. Ideally they should be used at salinities of above 5 parts per thousand.

The end result is removal of nitrogenous wastes, non bio-degradable dissolved organic carbon and a reduction in turbidity, along with achieving O2 saturation in the returning process water.



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Foam Fractionator





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