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Heat Regenerative Air Dryers


   Watertec Heat Regenerative Air Dryers are designed to maintain a minimum dew point of 60C at rated air flow output at either  30C & 100% humidity or at 35C & 60% humidity conditions. Each Dryer is PLC controlled and has automatic changeover between desiccant cells. The heat regeneration of each cell is based on either time or dew point depending on the control option selected when ordering.

Automatic Dewpoint Regeneration (Changeover) Control. The automatic changeover between cells is controlled by the air dewpoint via a Dewpoint meter. When the air dewpoint drops below the set point the unit will automatically change cell and regenerate the used cell. This reduces the frequency of cycles thus saving on power and maintenance costs.

Automatic Time Based Regeneration (Changeover) Control. The automatic changeover between cells is based on a pre-set timer which bypasses the dewpoint controls (if fitted). The dewpoint monitor will still operate and indicate the dewpoint.

Dew Point Monitor. The dewpoint monitors consist of the Shaw Dry Dew Point Monitor and a Grey Spot Sensor. The monitor has an alarm function that will indicate when the dew point rises above the alarm set point.



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