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Ozgen Ozone Generators 10 to 3000 g/hr of ozone

AR Series Ozonators

The Watertec AR Series Ozonators use Corona Discharge cells to generate Ozone at 200 to 3000 g/hr from either air or oxygen. The AR Series is PLC controlled and offers a range of control options along with several safety features including high temperature protection, no air flow shut down etc.

The AR Series is supplied with either a water cooled PVC or Stainless Steel ozone generation cell, depending on pressure or vacuum application.

All AR Series Ozonators are supplied as floor mounted modular design cabinets with the small units (200-400 g/hr) comprising two cabinets, control cabinet and a transformer/generation cabinet. Larger units come as three cabinets, control, transformer and generation. All cabinets are Aqua Blue powder coated mild steel mounted on a galvanised steel base.

E Series Ozonators

The E Series Ozonator range supplies ozone from 60 to 800 g/hr from either air or oxygen. Each unit is PLC controlled with a range of available control options. The E Series is supplied as a single, floor mounted Aqua Blue powder coated cabinet on a galvanised steel base. The E Series is suitable for use in both pressure and vacuum installation and is fitted with either PVC (standard) or stainless steel water cooled ozone generation cells depending on the application.

C Series Ozonators

The C Series Ozonators produce ozone from 10 to 60 g/hr and are a single, wall mounted, Aqua Blue powder coated cabinet. Like the E and AR Series, the C Series can produce ozone from either air or oxygen, is PLC controlled and offers manual or automatic control. Standard power is 240v, 1 phase, 50Hz

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