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Sewage and Industrial Waste Re-Use

Many countries around the world are now reusing their sewage water and industrial waste water to reduce both their water costs and water shortages in certain countries. Many industrial countries are now re-using a 100% of their water through the system. This is done via either ozone biological stage or MFRO systems, depending on the water re-use application.


Sewage water treatment plants are also now treating their discharge to meet drinking water standards, where the water can be discharged into rivers  or used on parklands etc. Some countries around the world are now using sewage re-use for drinking water. Sewage water reuse is a cost effective way of producing usable water. Please see below brochures for Ozone and UV Systems for water re-use



For more information regarding ozone and UV in sewage and industrial waste re-use,

please click on the links below:


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