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Drinking/Bottled Water

Containerised Sewage Treatment

Sewage/Industrial Waste Discharge

Sewage/Industrial Waste Re Use

Swimming Pools & Spas

Aquariums & Life Support


Ultrapure Water- Indust Electronics

Food Industries & Beverages


Laundry Industries

Cooling Towers

Pilot Plant

Water Treatment Plant



Ozone Vent Valves


Ozone Vent Valves enable the release of waste ozone gas and air from pressurised contact tanks and carbon filters


to Ozone Gas Destructors.


Refer to the specification brochure for sizing of the vent valves.



                                        Click here to download brochures in PDF Format   


                                                       Vent Valve 1/8"                       Vent Valve 1/4" 







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