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The Watertec Containerised Water Treatment Plant is a fully automated, fully self-contained, relocatable, water treatment plant.

It is ideal for supply of premium quality water to small towns up to a population of 500.

The Watertec packaged plant contains four integral, independent stages:

          Pre-filtration 2 stages of pre-filtration, generally at 80 & 20 micron

virus and cysts, and to remove colour, taste and odour

toxins from the water, or additional colour

down to approximately 0.1 micron for crystal clear water




          Low capital cost - $500.00 per head on 500 EP *

         Premium water clarity and disinfection

Advanced process technologies

          Fully automated - minimal operator input

          Alarm event signalling via telemetry or SMS

         Vandal resistant being built in a steel container or transportable building

         Fully relocatable if used for temporary purposes

         Low water loss, self-cleaning pre-filtration

* Containerised plant only, not including raw water storage, clear water storage, or secondary disinfection


                                                          SAMPLE PLANT LAYOUT IN 9.6 x 3.0 TRANSPORTABLE BUILDING


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