Hydropath; commercial water filtration and biofouling control

Whether you are already trying to control existing limescale, improve your water filtration or control biofouling, the Hydropath range has something to benefit you

Limescale inside commercial machinery and water equipment often accumulates slowly but can quickly start to interfere with the equipment and cause serious problems. Machinery slow down, lost production time and high replacement costs can be some of the performance degradation consequences businesses face, due to built up limescale.

Watertec Engineering have created a chemical-free solution that reduces limescale and prevents biofouling that can be tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

Commercial water filtration

A commercial water filter is able to remove impurities and can minimise the contamination of a body of water. By using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process, the filter meticulously cleanses the water.

Water filtration has different degrees of filtration depending on commercial needs. The Hydropath range can help with water filtration in swimming pools whether for domestic or commercial use.

Biofouling control

Biofouling is the build-up of microorganisms, algae, plants or animals on damp surfaces. Biofouling affects a variety of systems and parts in numerous industries that are exposed to water, from piping and cooling towers, power plants and swimming pools.


This hydropath treatment range was designed to improve the water quality in both commercial swimming pools and cooling towers.

The pRange Aquaklear is able to:

  • Reduce the strong chlorine smell
  • Diminish bacteriological levels
  • Lower chemical usage

Commercial swimming pools often use high levels of chloramines, which can result in strong chlorine smells.

When you backwash the swimming pool filters to filter the water, it costs on sewage and water chargers, as well as additional water heating. By using the pRange, it can improve filtration and reduce backwashing, which will lead to lower energy and water charges.

In cooling towers, Watertec Engineering can help reduce the amount of make-up water that is required to improve the water quality.

By preventing and removing the built up limescale on the heat exchangers and the cooling tower itself, this will reduce maintenance costs and can improve the overall efficiency.


The Hydropath cRange process offers commercial businesses a chemical free alternative to removing and preventing hard limescale encrustation. The cRange has been specifically designed for use on commercial boilers, cooling systems and heat exchangers.

The cRange is ideal for limescale protection for ventilation, heating and plumbing services in commercial settings like schools, hotels and offices.

As it’s a chemical-free alternative it can be applied to protect cold service equipment such as sinks and taps, without the danger of contamination to individuals.

Commercial water filtration and biofouling control from Watertec Engineering

Watertec Engineering in Brisbane understands we live in a fragile environment and a better emphasis needs to be placed on water and energy in the future. The requirement for clean water is growing day by day and they are looking at providing resolutions to clean water, at the highest quality and also the most cost effective way.

Whatever your commercial needs in terms of water conditioning and management, Watertec Engineering has the appropriate solution by applying the very best in scientific understanding and discovery.

To learn more about commercial water filtration and biofouling control, contact Watertec Engineering today.

If commercial options aren’t right for you, Watertec Engineering also have industrial options which you can find here.

For a more in-depth look at the extensive Hydropath products Watertec Engineering provide, download our Hydropath brochure


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