Hydropath; the industrial limescale remover

Also known as calcium scale, limescale is a big problem for industrial industries that use equipment involving heating elements like boilers, or heat transfer elements like heat exchangers

Limescale is a hard, white, chalk like substance found in the metallic parts of water-operated machinery. It’s a deposit of calcium carbonate and a residue left behind by hard water.

Hard water contains higher concentrates of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This left over limescale is hard to remove and the limescale build-up inside systems like these will develop over time. Even minor quantities of limescale build-up can result in a dramatic surge in energy usage, reduced flow rates and lost manufactured products.

Did you know just 0.8mm of limescale could decrease heating effectiveness as much as 10%? If your industrial company is directly working with water technology you may already be aware of the consequences limescale can create. Scale control and prevention can benefit industrial water operators by diminishing or eradicating unforeseen production shutdowns and can create considerable savings through water conservation.

With the large range of Hydropath products from Watertec Engineering, you can easily control and prevent future limescale, which will improve filtration and water quality, while reducing biofouling.


The iRange of Hydropath products is designed especially for challenging applications in industrial environments. It provides large industrial companies with water treatments which include limescale prevention, biofouling control and flocculation.

This Hydropath product features its own waterproof integrated power supply. The design makes it easy to connect to mains power and building management systems. The iRange can correct problems in standard sizes right up to 120mm in the outside diameter.


The sRange of Watertec Engineering’s Hydropath products have been specifically designed for limescale accumulation in high-pressure steam boilers. By creating a specific design, this enables industrial use of untreated water for steam boilers. This can come straight from the mains, or the bore water hole.

When your industrial business is connected to a hard water supply, the Hydropath sRange eliminates hard scaling on the boiler tubes. Another benefit of the sRange is it targets the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation.


Watertec Engineering tailor make products for industrial limescale prevention and removal. Pipes larger than 200mm in their outer diameter are available as custom units and are suitable for any pipe, from 10 inches, to pipes of several meters in diameter. This means increased efficiency for industrial businesses looking for efficient and fast limescale removal.

These Hydropath products are specifically designed for use in applications like large cooling towers, industrial mining, power stations and other places high water flow requires greater pipe diameters.

Remove industrial limescale with Watertec Engineering

Watertec Engineering’s sustainable development is driven by their environmental interest and an increase in consumer demand for responsible business management.

Leaders in the industry, they are positioned to help their clients improve their environmental implementation by using innovative and state-of-the-art treatment processes.

For more information on industrial limescale removal, contact the friendly team at Watertec Engineering today.

Watertec Engineering also have commercial options which you can find here.

For a more in-depth look at the extensive Hydropath products Watertec Engineering provide, download our Hydropath brochure


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