Water applications

Watertec Engineering is one of the most innovative water treatment companies in Australasia. We understand how manufacturing processes and water, energy and air systems work, and how our services and technologies can positively impact them. We create and implement tailored or standardised water treatment solutions, systems and applications to help you save money, efficiency and environmental benefits.

Our products and services are used in industrial, commercial and domestic settings, and in addition to water facilities our services are essential for energy, air and waste applications to prevent corrosion, contamination and build-up of harmful deposits.

Together with Watertec Engineering, you can improve your sustainability and profitability through benefits like:

  • Increased savings
  • Improved process efficiency,
  • Extended equipment and asset life
  • Reduced amount of waste

Our comprehensive programs contribute to the sustainable development of customer operations and can help significantly improve your bottom line results.

Watertec Engineering provides technology for both Ozone and UV water treatment systems and both are proven techniques in water treatment.

As the world’s waterways and drinking water is becoming even more polluted, we are finding that ozone is the most effective way to reduce the by-products in our water. Ozone has proven technologies to reduce THM’s, insecticides and pesticides in our water.

Our treatment systems are designed to remove contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. The STP series is the single-built steel module whereas The STP-HA series incorporates the single-built steel module with an aboveground concrete chamber.

There are many countries in the world who have measures in place to control industrial and sewage waste water. World standards are becoming more stringent in the disposal of waste water.

Not only are our oceans and rivers becoming more polluted, but also our subterranean waters. Ozone is a proven technology for oxidation to reduce the COD in the water, and combined with a biological stage system, it is a very effective way of treating both sewage water and industrial waste water.

Ozone combined with UV or hydrogen peroxide forms Hydroxyl Free Radicals, which can break down close bond chemical molecules. Both Ozone and UV form a very efficient disinfection, in the control of pollution of our waste water.

Many countries around the world are now reusing their sewage water and industrial waste water to reduce both their water costs and water shortages in certain countries. Many industrial countries are now re-using a 100% of their water through the system. This is done via either ozone biological stage or MFRO systems, depending on the water re-use application.

Sewage water treatment plants are also now treating their discharge to meet drinking water standards, where the water can be discharged into rivers or used on parklands etc. Some countries around the world are now using sewage re-use for drinking water. Sewage water reuse is a cost-effective way of producing usable water. Please see below brochures for Ozone and UV Systems for water re-use

Ozone and UV are both used in the swimming pool industry, depending on the application. There are two methods of introducing ozone into the water, and they are full stream and side stream. Full stream is where you treat 100% of the water in your filtration loop, and side stream is where you treat between 20% and 50% of the main filtration stream.

Full stream systems normally combine carbon for their ozonation, where side streams do not use carbon the ozonation. Ozone and UV, when applied in the correct method, will control chloramines and viruses and cysts in the water.

We have many aquaculture systems around the world using Ozgen ozone generators, to provide a safe environment for the fish. The hatchery and grow out systems are designed for the life support system, which is very important. We can supply a complete system, including sand filters, protein skimmers, contact tanks and venturi systems etc. We can also size the ozone systems for your requirements for both fish and mammal exhibits.

Rising demand in the aquaculture industry has spurred development of advanced sustainable aquaculture technologies to address challenges of traditional systems, including water consumption, pollution and land availability.

Biosecurity in aquaculture is a practice that reduces the risk of introducing and spreading infectious diseases among the animals at a facility and the risk that diseased animals or infectious agents will leave a facility and spread to other sites and other susceptible species.

We offer leading solutions for environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture, responding to our clients’ priorities such as increasing production and reducing water consumption.

Ozone and UV systems are used in the ultrapure water, for both TOC reduction and disinfection of water. The UV systems used for TOC reduction normally run at 400 mw/s3 and the ozone in a closed loop normally runs at approximately 50 pbb of ozone. In some applications, ozone is also used in the storage tanks to disinfect and remove any spawns which may be causing algae.

Ozone is used for sterilising and removing insecticides and pesticides off fruit and vegetables prior to the process plant. Ozone is also used in the beverage industry as a sterilization stage, and when combined with UV, for THM reduction.

We understand the specific needs of this industry and help you reach your goals by providing innovative water treatment solutions in line with the highest quality standards and your individual benchmarks. For example, in the seafood industry, ozone is used to sterilise the seafood, and supply sterilised ice for packaging. It is a proven fact that companies who are using ozone in the shellfish and fish industries have benefited greatly by increased production and greater efficiency in their operation.

Ozone is a proven technology in the hydroponics industry to control root rot, and to also improve growth in the produce. By introducing ozone, you can reduce the hydrogen sulphide level without leaving chemical by-products and instead help promote plant health and inhibit the proliferation of some waterborne anaerobic bacteria.

Ozone has been used in the laundry industry for over ten years now. The advantage of using ozone is a reduction in chemicals, reduction in temperature, and the clothes are washed in a sterilised environment.

With the increase of legionnaires disease, and water control in cooling towers, ozone provides a proven technology to control microorganisms counts.

The Watertec Containerised Water Treatment Plant is a fully automated, fully self-contained, relocatable, water treatment plant. It is ideal for supply of premium quality water to small towns up to a population of 500.

The Watertec packaged plant contains four integral, independent stages including two stages of pre-filtration, generally at 80 & 20-micron virus and cysts, and to remove colour, taste and odour toxins from the water, or additional colour down to approximately 0.1 micron for crystal clear water.


  • Low capital cost – $500.00 per head on 500 EP *
  • Premium water clarity and disinfection
  • Advanced process technologies
  • Fully automated – minimal operator input
  • Alarm event signalling via telemetry or SMS
  • Vandal resistant being built in a steel container or transportable building
  • Fully relocatable if used for temporary purposes
  • Low water loss, self-cleaning pre-filtration

*Containerised plant only, not including raw water storage, clear water storage, or secondary disinfection