Chemical Dosing and Monitoring Controls

Chemical dosing skids systems

Watertec Engineering provide chemical skid systems for many different applications. These chemical dosing skids can be utilised in the dosing of acid, polymer, alkaline, and carbon solutions. With one of these systems, you can simplify your chemical feeding systems and cut costs. We are happy to design a skid with the correct materials and process design to meet your application needs.


PAC Batching & Dosing

The Watertec Carbon Preparation and Dosing System consists of two primary items. The first is the unloading, dosing and batching system which is fully skid mounted, pre-wired and comes complete with all necessary pipe work, fittings and valves. The second item is the stairs, unloading platform and carbon storage platform complete with safety rails.

With this system, the slurry mixing tank and bag unloader are an integral dust tight unit, where a carbon bag is secured in the bag unloader, the bag is cut manually and the door is closed and latched. The carbon is then emptied into the slurry tank. Water sprays incorporated in the bag loader and slurry tank eliminate and settle the dust and wet the carbon so it does not remain floating on the surface of the water.

Features of the Watertec PAC Dosing System

  • Dust seal prevents escape of fine carbon dust
  • Agitator to ensure carbon slurry is always effectively mixed and in suspension
  • Graduated sight-glass to observe the level of prepared carbon slurry in the mixing tank. Also used for metering pump calibration
  • Dust filter to collect any fine dust particles which may arise from the batching process
  • Stainless steel slurry mixing tank with Agitator and level controls
  • Automatic flushing system to flush out dosing pump and associated pipework
  • Alldos KM Hydraulic piston dosing pump.
  • Automatic dilution water feed and control system
  • Individual systems can be designed to suit your space or specific requirements
  • This arrangement requires minimal on-site electrical and plumbing installation, and minimal space
  • Local electrical control panel
  • All equipment located on a single skid
  • Long plant life

Included on the dosing rig is an Alldos Hydraulic piston diaphragm pump, which we recommend as the most suitable type of metering pump for this application. This pump is fitted with a stainless steel head and valve assembly, due to the abrasive nature of the PAC. The pump also incorporates an internal pressure relief valve, which actuates should a blockage occur in either the suction, discharge or head cavities. This safeguards the equipment, including the pump, from damage.

View our PAC Dosing System product PDF here

Dry Polymer Batching & Dosing

Watertec Engineering Pty Ltd has many years of experience in the water treatment industry, and our in-house engineers have developed a compact Polymer Batching & Dosing system. The system uses a vacuum polymer unloading system to transfer powder from bags into the screw feeder hopper. An air blower then transfers the polymer, via a venturi eductor, to our Watertec designed wetting head above the polymer mixing tank. From the polymer mixing tank, which is permanently elevated, the polymer solution is gravity fed to the storage tank via an automatic control valve, which is operated by level controls in both the storage tank and mixing tank. The mixing tank can be positioned on top of the batching tank so a transfer pump is not required.

All equipment is pre-assembled on a skid and tested prior to delivery, so as to minimise site work. This arrangement requires minimal on-site electrical and plumbing installation, and also minimal space.

Features of the Watertec Polymer Dosing System

  • Polymer vacuum conveying system from bags into screw feeder hopper
  • Air blower and vacuum eductor for dry polymer conveying from screw feeder to wetting head
  • Stainless steel mixing tank with slow speed mixer and level controls
  • Stainless steel storage tank with level controls
  • Local electrical control panel with PLC
  • All equipment located on a single skid
  • Long plant life
  • Individual systems can be designed to suit your space or special requirements
  • Other standard supplies may be accommodated
  • Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

We strongly recommend the use of air for moving the polymer from the hopper to the mixing tank due to the problems which can occur if the polymer in the screw feeder absorbs any moisture (particularly when the units are offline for longer periods of time).

View our Polymer Dosing System PDF here