Ozone Treatment

Ozone water treatment

There are a variety of technologies to purify, disinfect and optimise water. Watertec Engineering offer several treatment technologies with the emphasis on environmental friendly solutions, and one of the most effective and sustainable is ozone.

Ozone was first used in water treatment in the late 1800s and has greater effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination.  In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulphur and reduce or eliminate taste and odour problems.

Not only is ozone more effective at deactivating viruses and bacteria than any other disinfection treatment, it also requires very little contact time and thereby reduces the overall treatment residence time while simultaneously leaving no chemical residues.

Main benefits of using ozone in water treatment

  • Ozone is highly effective over a wide pH range, rapidly reacts with bacteria and viruses, and has stronger germicidal properties than chlorination.
  • With ozone, we can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic and microbiological problems, as well as taste and odour issues.
  • The treatment process does not add chemicals to the water meaning less chemical residue for your plant, end consumer and the environment.

There are essentially no harmful residuals from ozone use, as ozone undergoes a natural decomposition in water. Ozone treatment also prevents re-growth of micro-organisms, provided the other processes in the disinfection process have been successful in reducing particulates in the wastewater stream. Ozone is also produced on site and does not require shipping or handling, thus removing complications like safety and environmental issues associated with chemical handling.

Our ozonating product range include

  • Ozgen Ozone Generator 10 to 3000 g/hr of ozone
  • Clearwater Ozone Generators 1 to 10 g/hr of ozone
  • Heat Regenerative Air Dryers
  • Compressor Air Preparation Systems
  • Injector Systems
  • Vacuum Break
  • Contact Tank Systems
  • Carbon Filters
  • Foam Fractionators
  • Ozone Vent Valves
  • Off Gas Destructor Systems
  • Ozone Dosing Control Systems
  • Ozone Measuring Instrumentation
  • Water Chillers
  • Ozone Hydrokinetic Mixer

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