What is limescale and what problems does it cause?

Limescale is the white chalky and crusty build-up which in domestic settings you may find in your kettle, on water taps and on your shower screen. In domestic, commercial and industrial settings, limescale causes a whole range of problems and no matter your situation, it’s important to stay on top of any limescale deposits.

Limescale is a residue which mainly consists of calcium and magnesium and depending on the water hardness in your area, your water contains various levels of these minerals. So-called hard water contains a higher level of calcium and magnesium is the root cause of limescale and will inevitably create more problems for your pipes, appliances and equipment.

Where is hard water found?

Some parts of Australia have significantly harder water supplies than others – Adelaide, for example, has more than ten times higher levels than Melbourne does. Most metropolitan areas in Australia have soft to medium water. The most populated hard water areas in Australia are around Adelaide and parts of Brisbane. If you want to know your water hardness, contact your local water authority or supplier.

The problem with limescale

Limescale builds up as soon as hard water flows through a pipe and the calcium starts to crystallise into a sticky structure. These crystals adhere to each other, sticks to surfaces and starts to produce solid scale build-ups that have a very destructive effect.

These mineral deposits reduce the efficiency of heating, obstructs mechanical operation and restricts water flow. These aspects almost always lead to extra material and labour costs to target and manage the limescale deposits and protect the equipment.

While limescalce can cause a range of issues, the three main problems are:

  1. Increased energy costs – As your systems and pipes become clogged with limescale, they must work harder to produce the same output.
  2. Damage to appliances – When your equipment has to work harder, it typically suffers a shorter lifespan and is more prone to breaking down. This, in turn, also costs more money.
  3. Extra cleaning and maintenance – To keep limescale from destroying your equipment and increasing your energy costs, additional cleaning and maintenance are required.

If you’re in any way operating within a facility relying on water-fed equipment, you understand the damage limescale can cause and the risks it poses. At Watertec Engineering, we are passionate about helping people like you taking control of this problem. That’s why we are proud to offer the advanced and cutting-edge Hydropath range – the scientifically proven technology to best target and control limescale deposits.

Get rid of limescale with Hydropath and Watertec Engineering

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