Vehicle Wash

Truck Wash Systems

Watertec Engineering provides a complete range of car, truck and bus solutions to the vehicle washing industry in Australia.

The wash systems we supply are customised to your specific requirements, coming in a variety of sizes and combinations to suit different applications. No matter the size of your fleet’s vehicles, regular washing is an integral part of maintaining a working fleet, as well as keeping the drivers safe and happy. Projecting a clean, professional image is a priority for many transport companies.

From general car washing to heavy-duty vehicles which require intense cleaning and decontamination, we have your needs covered.

High-quality engineering, construction and technology that ensures reliability, durability, and flawless results. Aries is especially suited to those who, like car dealerships, want to take truly good care of their clients’ vehicles.

Aries provides an exceptional quality/price ratio from 300 washes a month through the lowest maintenance costs available on the market, and the maximum reliability.

The Aries system is based on versatility and is available in two versions – single-programme or multi-programme – for excellent performance that always meets your needs.

Quick overview

Cars per hour 8 to 12 cars per hour
Space required 9m
Industry Car dealerships, rental car companies,
car showrooms, repair work shops, small petrol stations.
25+ cars per day.
Standard Aries unit
Options Two blower drying system, multi-program, pre-wash, medium pressure, wheelwasher, Robowash, underchassis wash.

Designed and manufactured specifically for service stations, the Hydrus delivers superb performance at a highly competitive price.

Simplicity of installation and use, optimal performance, an attractive price-value ratio, easy management, an extremely high yield; Hydrus Tech brings together the best.

The Hydrus is available in two choices of drying systems, customized configurations, as well as the option of installing a vast range of accessories. Its high levels of efficiency, performance, and energy savings reduce operating costs without compromising on results.

Quick overview

Cars per hour 8 to 12 cars per hour
Space required 9m
Industry Service stations, oil companies, small stand alone carwashes.
35+ cars per day
Standard Hydrus unit with 4 blower drying system – either contour following drying system or Air Plus oscillating drying sytem, multi program
Options Pre-wash, med/high pressure, wheel washer, Robowash, underchassis wash, luminous sign, traffic lights

The Pegasus system is developed with more intelligence and cutting edge technology. An intelligent computer system which traces the vehicle’s profile, combined with the degree of adaptability offered by the control software means you get greater attention to detail, and the highest degree of system control.

With advanced brushes, options and system mechanics, The Pegasus maximises wash quality to impress your customers and optimises consumption to save you money.

Quick overview

Cars per hour 8 to 12 cars per hour
Space required 9m
Industry Medium volume service stations, standalone carwashes
40+ cars per day
Standard Pegasus unit with low noise 4 blower drying system – either contour following or Airplus and TSD system, programmeable up to 15 options, LED traffic lights.
Options 4 pre-wash options, 8 med/high pressure options, multiple foam / shampoo / wax / polish / rim wash options, osmosis, underchassis wash, Robowash, luminous signs.

Baltic is the ideal solution for companies that must manage many vehicles quickly in a continuous cycle.

This automatic washing system is designed specifically for public and private transport as well as industrial and commercial vehicles including buses, trucks, tankers and tractor trailers.

Ease of use combined with flexible configurations and programmes meet all the care and cleaning needs for a variety of vehicles.

Quick overview

Vehicles per hour         8 to 12 vehicles per hour
Space required 18m+
Industry Bus operators, freight transport, fleet operators
Low to medium volume. 20+ vehicles per day.
Standard Galvanised structure, 3 brushes, water and chemical distribution arches,
pre wash, contour programming for non standard vehicle shapes.
Options 5 high pressure options up to 70 bar, 6 fixed and rotating head under
chassis wash options, Robowash, contour tracking top arch.

By maintaining your vehicles, you can present a professional image, alleviate maintenance costs, and prevent damage to your trucks. If you want to find out more about us and our services, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more information.